The “Web Analytic Princess” blog shares by Marianina tackles the essence of web analytics and how it can transform the perception and action of people towards their market performance as well as the ways to further enhance their conversion rates and sites. She also mentioned here her personal experiences about the proper ways to obtain helpful insights for web analytics and how to execute them.

Marianina is based in London, England and is leading web analytics in the UK’s biggest online property website, Rightmove. Rightmove is also the 10th biggest website in UK when it comes to the requisites of pages provided from UK; meaning, this site has a larger traffic compared to the sites like BBC, Tesco, Lastminute, and Autotrader. This woman has a great interest in web analytics, business intelligence, as well as developing marketing effectiveness. Previously, she had worked as online marketing strategist and web analyst for clients like BBT and Saab. Through her working experiences, she was able to acquire more challenging responsibilities in improving online marketing services and web analytics. No wonder, she was able to develop overall marketing performance and website for her clients.

Now, through Web Analytic Princess, Marianina was able to extend her knowledge to more people, especially for those who are also aiming to boost their revenues and conversion rates on their businesses. Essentially, her blog shares tackle the following: Google analytic tips; social media; statistics tips; including web analytic charts. As well, she also discusses the proper ways on conducting internal search as well as the correct web analytics solutions to utilize.  

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