Microsoft Company and its product is, as we all very well know, a global thing.  Many of the highly developed countries like Japan of Asia and London of Europe are highly dependent on the Microsoft products.  The London area is a very highly developed country in the whole world.  Its IT sector has been massively developed and has contributed so much in the development of the country both industrial and agricultural.  

The massive need for manpower in the field of Computing and Information technology in the European region, particularly in London prompted the Microsoft London-based product developer to ramp up the disciplines that are being offered for certification programs.  The Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional (MCITP) is one of the leading programs that has brought so much job opportunities to many British people.  Because of this massive response of the business sector, Microsoft has been very aggressive in building and formulating an industry-based standard so that certified MCITP people are capable of handling and performing their respective jobs.  

The Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional although it is situated on a different region still follows the standard and the protocol devised and developed by the umbrella company – the Microsoft.  This is serving the purpose of uniformity and standardization.  

The European region is one of the high producing excellent Microsoft people that are responsive in the growing demands for Information Technology sector.  The rate continues to grow and progress as time goes by.  The demand shall never cease and so is the Microsoft London based producer.  

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