Microsoft Certified Professional MCP is a well respected certification in IT. It provides you with great opportunities and benefits in the IT industry. Having an MCP certificate guarantees employers that you are a qualified professional who possesses the skills and knowledge of Microsoft solutions, technologies and systems.  If you are serious in getting an MCP certificate, then MCP training videos should be one of the items you should include in your studies.

Companies these days dont just base your skills and capabilities on what you write on your resume. They want evidence or proof that you can get the job done independently. MCP certification can do that. This certification has given several people higher salaries and promotion because they enhanced their skills by getting MCP trainings and training videos.

With the growing technology today, it is easier to get the training you want. By using the power of multimedia, you can now learn by simply watching at the comfort of your home. This will enable you to view video instructions using MCP training videos. This includes hands on simulations and testing modules that allow students to learn in full motion video with audio.

MCP training videos can aid you in providing you the ability to install, monitor, configure and handle troubleshooting Microsoft network systems and applications. Training video is a convenient tool in MCP training. You can study and review the topics anytime.

MCP certification can tremendously increase your salary. That is why most working IT professionals opt to have MCP training videos because it is more convenient and can save you time and money.

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional has its benefits and exclusive privileges not available in any other certifications.  One of them is the exclusive access to the MCP website which is home to a multitude of solutions and exclusive offers.  The MCP website is a members only secured website designed for certified professionals of Microsoft technologies.

Passing the MCP exam is your first step towards a very lucrative and successful IT career.  The MCP certificate provides you with the right to access the MCP website which contains logos, discount offers, job offers, solutions and experiences from other MCP certificate holders, and many more.  It even has a Welcome Kit for you to help you get started.

A .NET Passport or the Microsoft Passport Network is needed for you to access the MCP website.  If this is your first time to access the website, or if you have just recently passed the MCP exam and would like to access the website, then all you have to do is to provide your .NET Passport and register your MCP credentials.  This is called migrating.

Migrating your MCP credentials takes only a few minutes and is done just once.  After the initial migration and profile registration, future access to the MCP website will only require you to enter your .NET Passport in order for you to access its resources and support group.

So if you think that the MCP certificate is just another one of those IT certificates, then think again.  Passing Microsofts difficult exams can be very rewarding not just in terms of benefits but for future career advancements as well.

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