MCP is the shortcut way of referring to a Microsoft Certified Professional (meaning, this person has reached a certain level of qualification regarding the knowledge and skills he has managed to absorb regarding Microsoft technological products.)

MCSE stands for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, indicating the status of an IT person who knows how to look at the client and his business needs, then sets about designing the appropriate business solutions infrastructure that client should get. But there is more  the business solutions an MCSE accredited IT person should choose must be founded on Microsoft Windows 2000 and the Microsoft Windows Server System.

Later, these same business solutions must be examined by the MCSE to see if they have been correctly implemented with regards to the needs of networking systems in installation, configuration, and troubleshooting as well.

An IT person who is aiming for MCSE MCP status can qualify to do the work of a technical consultant, network analyst, systems analyst, technical support engineer, and a system engineer. The Windows 2000 platform is appropriate for implementation of business solutions of medium- to large-sized client companies.

Before the IT person can be granted MCSE MCP status, he should prove first that the network operating system he has created and maintained in the past was able to sustain the needs of at least 200 users (maxing out at 26,000 users.) The network should have been distributed over at least five physical locations (maxing out at 150 physical locations.) The network should be inclusive of standard network applications and services.

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