Installation of a new Microsoft SQL server 200 service pack involves step-by-step procedures that result in system transformation. This is because it comprises maintenance reasons for systems tables, upgrading, and databases distribution which are key components of replication topology. Such condition makes the removal of service pack a little bit of trouble because there is no automated method of removing it. To complete the installation process, a few manual steps should be properly executed. Otherwise, there some risks might be encountered.

The key concept you have to remember when you remove the service pack is to make a backup for the entire databases system. If you will remove the service pack, you will have to revert the system you built before. Therefore, a master backup or msdb backup and model databases should be created from the previous system. However, if you fail to have any backups of the previous system prior to the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 you have to execute the following procedures. This is to save all the tasks that have been scheduled, the packages from Data Transformation Services or DTS, and the logins and full text catalogues.

The procedures are:
1.    All scheduled tasks (e.g. alerts, jobs, operators) should be scripted
2.    Each DTS package should be saved while each package should be saved separately.
3.    Logins and passwords should be scripted as well.
4.    Create a back for the full text catalogue folders.

It should be noted that, once mentioned procedures were not performed, manual operations for all the procedures should be done which will take more time and procedures.

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