For hobbyists, their collections are usually grouped according to type or class. Say for example, a stamp hobbyist has a separate storage for stamps that he or she got from the US and another one for stamps from foreign countries. Same is true with metadata as there is a need for metadata repository so as to ensure consistency of metadata.

In simple terms, a metadata repository acts like a database that literally stores data about other data. When used appropriately, a metadata repository can allow the data stored about specific web sites to be consistently searched and made available whenever such information is needed. Web sites use metadata to provide descriptions about the types of data they contain as well as other bits of information that describe the items on the page itself.  If metadata is referenced as needed, the space to store these descriptions of sites data will also be less. But then again, there is no single metadata repository that can accommodate all these information, thereby making it hard for companies to easily use it when needed. As such, more and more Internet organizations are now realizing the importance of metadata and there is a probable attempt in the future to centralize the data that are kept in metadata repositories.

Metadata repositories are not only used in web sites but for other applications as well, such as Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office programs. Devices such as iPods and digital cameras also use metadata repositories to store information about music files and captured images. Indeed, metadata repositories have a lot of uses and its growing popularity will definitely result to improved services to a variety of functions.

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