To be able to achieve the results that are expected on the
project at hand is to have planned well how things should
be done.  Organization should see to it that things are
done the right way.  As the organization performs its
regular function, some people in the organizations bring
new ideas for development or innovation.  When these arise,
a project management office should be created to handle
projects not within the normal operations so as to give
focus to such endeavor.

A project management office is establish to bring efforts
in order to fulfill the objectives of the project. 
To perform the project management activities requires
a set of team. A project manager, who manages the project,
heads a project management office.  Project managers are
the leader of the project team and are responsible for
the project deliver and the ultimate outcome of the
project.  The project manager should ensure that the
following processes are observed:

1.  Be able to identify the goals, objectives,
    requirements, and project limitations.
2.  Be able to communicate the different needs
    and expectations of the project’s stakeholders as
    well as team members, resource managers, senior
    management, customers, and sponsors.
3.  Be able to plan, execute, and control the tasks,
    phases, and deliverables based on project’s goals
    and objectives.
4.  Be able to close the project when completed.

Following these processes the project management office
manager should ensure that members of his team are
capable of performing the task in terms of the processes
involved in running a project.

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