The Open Group has introduced the TOGAF certification program to enable architecture service providers and tools vendors demonstrate that their products and services support the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM).  A method used in agreement with all major frameworks.

The TOGAF Certification ensures customers that TOGAF based product and service offerings are safe, as professional care has been performed to supply commercially these products and services in the market.  A Statement of Conformance is provided to customers for them to compare freely the product and services to other certified vendors.

TOGAF certification programs are available for individuals, trainers, training, professional services, and tool support.  These programs will enable individuals become certified either by attending a training course or passing an examination.  Organizations who have sell TOGAF Tools or Training Courses can also have their product/services be certified.  TOGAF Certification allows large organizations standardize its open method for IT Architecture, thus avoid the lock in the proprietary methods of major consultancies.  The certification program provides individuals or organizations the license to use the term TOGAF 7 and TOGAF 8 in their product and service offerings together with The Open Group Certification Mark.

The TOGAF Certification is valid for 24 months, however for classes of certification that are dependent on annual Commercial TOGAF license, initial certification will be corresponding to the license renewal date.  The Open Group publishes and publicizes the TOGAF certified offerings and issues the certification that vendors can use in their promotion.  Registered TOGAF are entitled for membership at no cost to the Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects (AOGEA).

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