The AdWords Dominator is viewed as the first all-in-one tool for AdWords management throughout the world, which is especially designed for Pay Per Click advertisers. This tool flawlessly incorporates with Google to provide all the critical data of an individual as well as campaign management and metrics into one without meeting too many complications.

Matt Levenhagen of Campaign Blast stated that those advertisers who were able to work with the interface of Google AdWords are surely aware how cumbersome and time consuming it is to process all of the critical data using this. Good thing, this was alleviated by AdWords Dominator. Levenhagen said that through the use of AdWords Dominator, one can easily perform everything on his desktop—making AdWords fun again to its users.

Indeed, the availability of AdWords Dominator has provided people with complete control over the entire functionality of AdWords directly from the desktop. More significantly this also helps people to manage keywords. Set the bids. Shift and modify the ads. Set up new AdWords and campaign. And analyze on tables and graphs the changes in the ads, which is affected by performance.

Specifically, the following are some of the functions of AdWords Dominator to its users:
•    Provides limitless account functionality
•    Supplies single screen interface for trouble-free access to the entire campaigns
•    Manages and controls the entire aspects of AdGroups and Campaigns
•    Provides list import and management of keywords

It is because of these functions why Levenhagen suggested all the marketers out there to take the advantage brought by the functionality of AdWords Dominator. Marketers who are going to use this tool is claimed to generate more money.

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