Google Analytics is a free service that allows website owners to measure the success of their web sites.  Google today has introduced a new enterprise version of Google Analytics.  The new enterprise version provides a more powerful analysis in generating detailed statistics about website visitors.

Features of the New Enterprise Google Analytics

1. Advanced Segmentation features, which isolate and analyze specific parts of your traffic. The program has predefined custom segments such as “All visits”, “New Visits”, “Returning Visitors”, “Paid Traffic”, “Non-Paid Traffic”, “Direct Traffic” and “ Visits with Conversions”.  You may also create a new custom segment such as isolating visitors by region, for example tracking the number of visitors in California.  This feature also allows the application of segments to compare current or past data performance on a side by side report.
2. Motion Charts feature plot data in five dimensions.  Users select metrics for the x-axis, y-axis, bubble size, and bubble color and view how these metrics interact over time. The use of metrics allows users to compare and expose data relationship.
3. Custom Reports.  This feature allows users to create, save and edit custom reports.  Create reports that you would present information that way you would want to see.
4. Faster Implementation.  With the Google Analytics tracking code pasted into each of your website pages, tracking starts immediately.
5. Custom Dashboards.  There is no need to dig through reports.  Put information on custom dashboards and email to others.
6. AdWords Integration.  Buy keywords on AdWords and use Analytics, which of those keywords are appropriate for your business.
7. Internal Site Search.  This allows users to see how visitors explored the site.
8. GeoTargeting.  Allows users to identify visitor’s locations and set geographic markets.

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