MCP training should change now that a new generation of MCP accreditation exams has been created. Microsoft polled MCP exam takers and Microsoft customers alike to come up with this new wave of accreditation which is founded on offering just a few necessary forms of accreditation (to minimize client confusion as to what credentials to examine).

Microsoft re-designed its certifications so graduates could be able to train for specific delineated job roles that also showed the skill sets involved. The accreditation process was also shorted so graduates get trained and accredited faster so they can move on to employment as quickly as possible.

However, Microsoft was still concerned with the integrity of its forms of accreditation. This is why simulation technology was incorporated into performance-based testing techniques. While the new MCP accreditation exams still rigorously examine the knowledge and skill sets of accreditation candidates, they now rely on exam techniques which are more aligned with real-world conditions.

Still, Microsoft accepted the fact that the new MCP exams need to use language that is clear and easy to understand. This allows potential employers to be more aware of business needs for heightened IT certification and skills from their IT personnel. Hiring managers gain an awareness of who is suited for what IT job and why. And of course the IT personnel themselves are allowed to show what knowledge and skills they really have and what these are worth to their potential employer.

MCP training has to change to reflect all these new developments, so that MCP candidates are better prepared to face the future in MCP accreditation.

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