The nForce MCP And Microsoft MCP

The Microsoft Certified Professional is one of the most well known professional certifications in the world.  Many MCP individuals get high-earning careers in the IT industry just because of their MCP career choice.  Microsofts MCP should not be confused with other MCP acronyms like the NVIDIA nForce Media Communications Processor because they are totally different.

The Media Communications Processor or MCP is one of the many processors of NVIDIA designed specifically for the high-end creation and distribution of digital multimedia.  It combines audio, video, graphics, fax, modem into multiple media subsystems and often uses chips that support even LAN and high-end GPUs. Microsofts MCP on the other hand is a certification exam given by Microsoft and Microsoft affiliated testing centers like Pearson VUE and Prometric which have branches and affiliates worldwide.

NVIDIA is registered as a US corporation engaged in the manufacture of graphics cards and processors for use in computers, workstations, handhelds, and other IT products.  In 2000, they were chosen by Microsofts XBOX console as the GPU and MCP and hailed as a breakthrough in 3D technology.  In 2001, they began entering the Integrated Graphics Market through the launch of the nForce Platform MCP. With nForce gaining popularity in the MCP acronym, there is often confusion between Microsofts MCP and NVIDIAs nForce MCP.  Both are world leaders in their respective IT industry.

Microsofts MCP greatly differ with NVIDIAs nForce MCP and should not be confused because Microsoft certifications are a validation of the individuals skills and knowledge in delivering IT designs and solutions of Microsoft products while NVIDIAs nForce MCP is a hardware component of a PC.  NVIDIA products are integrated into the Microsoft programs and can be handled by Microsoft Certified Professionals.

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