The Nitty Gritty About The Conference Call Center Process

A conference call center process can be defined in two ways. First, it may refer to a meeting between the people involved in a support order, such as the call center agent who answered the call, the supervisor, and perhaps even the customer himself. The meeting may be initiated by the agent and then later come to involve the Domestic Relations Office as well, particularly when the conference is about any decisions that have to be made regarding the support order  including any payments that have to come from the call center or the client organization.

The second definition may simply mean that a meeting of any nature is conducted between certain parties within a call center setting. Usually, the call center conference will be a short-term meeting which aims to accomplish a certain set of goals and objectives.

The people and/or employees who may participate in the conference call center process could be: the call center agents/customer service representatives, the team leaders or call center supervisors, the call center managers, and maybe eventually the call center owners as well. To a lesser degree, others may join in the conference call center process as well, including the training managers, human resources managers, help desk managers, e-commerce managers, operations managers, channel managers, product managers, business development managers, and sales & marketing managers. If very necessary, and depending on the situation, call center staff doctors may be called in to participate too.

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