The Drupal software is an open source software where you can create web sites without the technicalities of knowing web installer. All you have to do is download it and you are all set to use it. And though it is a generic software that can be used for creating different pages for a web site, you can still design and make some varieties on the page layout. It is just so flexible that you can choose to customize it.

 But this flexibility is the one thing that administrators find difficult to manage. They end up having the blog look homepage when they try to create a classic, professional web site. This very generic homepage is the kind where the different pages of the site are all cluttered in a long list. Some administrators try to divert the page to a current node and then they try to change it to look like the classic one. Using this method, would not help with the feature to promote the front page.

If you use Drupal on your website you can actually have a lot of documents on the homepage and you would be able to control the text’s length that you would be putting on the document list. If you want to achieve the classic but no blog look homepage then you can change the setting of the note to let the longer length of document be displayed on the list as well as your homepage. You can also reset the settings to allow as many pages you want on the homepage. It is important that you choose a page and endorse it as your front page and have it published on the top of your lists.

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