The Operation in a Call Center

A call center is an office that is centralized and used for the function of transmitting and receiving a huge volume of requests with the use of the telephone. The call center is usually operated by a company to manage the support for incoming products and also inquiries of information coming for the customers. The outgoing calls for the telemarketing, collection of debt and clientele part of the center are also made. The collective letter, fax and e-mail handling at one place are referred to as the contact center.
The operation in a call center is done in a wide and open workspace for the call center agents that include a computer, telephone, headset for each of the agent within the workspace connected to a supervisor station. It can be operated independently or it can also be networked with the other centers that often connected to LANs, mainframes, and microcomputers. The data pathways and the voice into the center are connected through a set of the latest technologies that are often called the computer telephony integration.

Large businesses often use call centers to interact and relate to their customers. Some companies use staffs to work in the call center with so many applicants that require no experience or educational qualification. However, some companies require a lot of customer service experience, formal certificates, and require an extensive interview procedure. The operation in a call center uses a wide variety of technologies to permit them from supervising the large volumes of work that they have to manage.

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