The original Cloud Computing Foundation program now available on iPAD and smartphones

Now, the tools to expand your knowledge of cloud computing  are available for both the iPad and (virtually all) smartphones!   This new format for the cloud computing foundation puts everything you need to know, right in the palm of your hand, literally.   Not only is this going to greatly simplify study time for most individuals, but it will also allow for review of materials “on the go”.

The addition of an iPad version seems to be a natural choice; after all, it is fast becoming the “device of choice” for a certain segment of people and is currently a very desirable tech buy.   What’s truly interesting is the smartphone version of this amazing program, which allows you to take your learning materials with you wherever you go.  This is extremely handy; it makes it very easy to squeeze in a little reading here and there, whether it’s on the bus, in the taxi, on the train, during breaks, or layovers (perfect for frequent flyers).
Cloud Computing Foundation
For those that aren’t familiar with the cloud computing foundation program; it is essentially a training and study path toward gaining a more thorough understanding of what cloud computing is, what it can do, how it works, as well as the components that it’s made of.  Professionals employed within technical sectors, computing, networking, IT or even business in general can greatly benefit from the knowledge and understanding gained through completion of this training program.  In fact, there’s no better time to get involved than right now, because once cloud computing becomes a widely integrated into mainstream computing and networking, the competition in the field will also spike.

Visit here for information about the new iPad and smartphone apps, and expand your ability to participate in the gradual ascent of cloud computing (and secure future career opportunities as well) by taking part in a foundation training program.

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