The access in the preservation of digital information is an ongoing trend in the discipline of metadata. The need to save essential elements of digital resources has turned into a very integral subject matter.  The accessibility and recorded information which are both needed in the management and preservation of digital information encompass what we now call as the preservation metadata.

In fact preservation metadata is generally contrasted to descriptive metadata schemas (which employs the identification and discovery of digital objects). More so, preservation metadata is now and then deliberated as a separate division of administrative metadata that is responsible in management information support and technical metadata that is presently supporting the digital content access.

The idea behind preservation metadata is in fact directed to storage of technical details based on the format, use, and structure of the digital content. The accounts and records of all the actions that have been executed on the resources that have implied changes and decisions are actually stored. The legitimacy and validity of information about technical features and the information about the rights and responsibilities in action preservation are all stored through preservation metadata.

With the current condition of technical capabilities, preservation metadata researches and developments are being addressed with. This is to recommend comprehensive sets of elements and highly-leveled standards so that management systems will become more efficient and automated.

Lastly, preservation metadata schemas in various forms have been developed which aims to present reference points in acquiring relevant information for a particular enterprise perhaps. Different preservation metadata categories are actually formulated that will deal with content information, representation information, preservation description information, and packaging information.

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