The Oracle database disaster recovery system provides your database with a fast yet efficient approach onwards recovery of vital data. This recovery system is just what your Oracle database needs. And these are some of the reasons why.

Oracle database disaster recovery boasts of a manager-based tool. It goes on to provide protection for your Oracle database by working closely with its server. During the restoration process and while performing back up operations any form of corruptions are being blocked. In addition, the Oracle database disaster recovery can also make optimize the consumption of space as well as the system’s performance by compressing the files and multiplexing them during the process. In addition, its Media Management Library also provides your Oracle database with additional media storage.

The Oracle database disaster recovery not only takes care of your Oracle database. It is also concerned with all relevant database procedures necessary to perform efficient recovery processes. This helps ensure the entire system’s safety before and after the backup and restoration process has been done.

In detail, the Oracle database disaster recovery system makes use of different utilities as well as relevant databases to back up all of the important data specified. It also operates well under the specifics of an environment which has…

– A specified database which must be backed up.
– A client to interpret all of the commands pertaining to backing up and recovering the database.
– A specified disk location which can manage and store different files.
– A catalog database for recovery.

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