The Place of Web 2.0 in 2007

History tells us that the Internet was first launched in the year 1969. Back then, it was quite simple and served but a simple purpose – to establish across the networks type of communication for governments. Forty years later, it has now become more than what it is – and its past is nothing but a shadow of the glory that it is right now. There are so many information resources that make up the entire Internet and so many web pages that have gone through so many transformations.

In web 2.0 in the year 2007, we can clearly see that the improvements have proved to be an essential part of our lives. The past life of the Internet or the World Wide Web shows us that it was part of the research framework of NASA and government institutions that had the goal of connecting all their computers together. It was once called ARPAnet back in the day, but now in 2007 web 2.0 is more commonly known as simply, the Internet. With web 2.0, there are now a wide host of web servers that are alive and well.

While this calls a lot of problems when it comes to connecting them and taking into consideration the different languages of users as well as the time zones, one cannot deny their usefulness. As such, the conflicting hardware where computers refuse to communicate with one another prompted the development of a standard. And this was done in the eighties, a revolutionary time in Internet technology that serves as the foundation for what we know the Internet to be right now.

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