The Potential Value of Knowing Your Customer Profile

It should be stressed that customer profile information only has potential value, not literal value, because the value can only be harnessed by looking at it in a certain way or ways. A customer profile is basically a collection of information gathered about a certain customer type, which allows the sales person to know who the customers are in this customer category; what the usual customer described here likes to buy; how the customer behaves when trying to fill a want or need; where such customers can be usually found for sales-related reasons (like which malls they like to patronize, what restaurants do they like to eat in, or which bookstores they buy most often from); how the sales person can reach out to these customers so that the sales person can offer the products in his stable of goods and services to these ideal customers; and most importantly, how such ideal customers can be retained for the long term by the sales person so that he can offer more goods and services to these customers in the near and distant future.

You might know this customer profile strategy by another name which is customer segmentation. All that means is that every segment of the customer population has certain characteristics that make each member of that segment common with the other members. One common characteristic that customer segmentation can identify is the age of the people in this customer category. If your organization is selling bags for teenagers, then the customer population segment that you are aiming to serve are young people probably aged 13 to 19. This makes it easier for a sales person to know how to market the bags to the teenagers because he knows now how this specific population thinks.

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