The highest form of certification being offered by Cisco is CCIE. Also known as Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, the CCIE is one of the hardest certifications to achieve. It covers almost the entire scope of Cisco operations and all aspects of knowledge are tested prior to certification. CCIE certifications are composed of two different exams. The first one is accomplished like the typical written exam. It also comes in multiple choice formats and aims to gauge theoretical and technical knowledge of the test taker. The other test comes in the form of a lab simulation exam. In here, the efficiency of the test taker in terms of troubleshooting and Cisco skills are being tested.

CCIE certifications have no definite strict requirements. It does not demand so much from the people who wish to take it in terms of the requirements needed to accomplish first. all you need to do is sign up for the exams and pay the necessary fees if any. What people should be concerned with are the exam preparations to be taken. Because CCIE certifications are proven to be difficult, even CCIE boot camps have grown in proliferation to help people prepare for the said certification. Moreover, test takers should pass the written exams first. Only then would they be qualified to proceed with the next type of exam which comes in the form of a lab based exam. It entails a progressive mode of how the entire CCIE program is plotted out to ensure that only those who deserve them will eventually have the CCIE certifications.

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