The book has been launched in the market. Pro Drupal continues to evolve and make difference in lives of people who use such kind of technology. The influence of Drupal in managing, publishing, and organizing wide-ranging content materials on websites have reached its peak.
A large number of people, particularly organizations employ Dupral in their organizational systems to control and manipulate their websites. Web sites that make use of Dupral technology employ the features such as: community web portals, sites for discussion, web sites for business/corporate enterprises, applications using intranet, blogs and other forms of personal sites, sites for aficionado, applications for e-commerce, social networking sites, and finally resource directories.
Since Drupal has been recognized as one of the most prevalent content management systems, books about it have been published to inform people about the knowledge and best practices of the Dupral technology. To reiterate some functions of Dupral, it offers features to the users that are essential in creating community-driven web sites that consist of blogs, forums, sites styled as wikis, and other related sites.
The book entitled “Pro Dupral Development” was written and published to supply Drupal users and the readers of the book with knowledge in installation and customization. The powerful architecture of the book itself and the products and services of the Dupral technology will get you educated in creating your own modules with your own preferred themes and adopting the functions and features that are relevant in maintaining your web site. The hidden undertakings of the Drupal technology are revealed in the book that is why core developers of websites would be the first ones who will get benefited with the use of such a book.

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