Let us first examine what the word telecommute is all about. Telecommuters are people who work in different occupations that
all have to do with helping people somehow – the big difference is they work from home or from remote locations outside a
traditional office. A help desk telecommute system then is a help desk system maintained by the employer of these
telecommuters to assist such employees in their work – so that they can function outside the traditional workplace just as
efficiently as traditional workers.

One example of a telecommuter would be people who work for government agencies in the US. Many government agencies are
opting to let their employees become telecommuters (or simply home-based workers). However, though it may seem that
becoming a telecommuter would be beneficial to everyone concerned, actually the employee may be at the losing end (depending
on how his employer approaches the help desk telecommute service.)

It goes this way: the employer (perhaps a government agency) permits telecommuters to become telecommuters primarily because
the employer wants to save on money. But to save a lot of money, the employer may require the employee to purchase his own
computer which the employer will say should only be used for the particular occupation they are in. It is advisable for such
employees to invest in laptops so they can work from different locations, if necessary. The employer will then maintain a
help desk for such telecommuters so that they can iron out any problems they encounter with their business-only computer.

Problems with this so-called perfect help desk telecommute system crop up when the employee installs unapproved software
into his business-only computer. So when he calls the help desk, the help desk personnel find it harder to help the employee
because he used software that does not have any business use. For example, some employees will install games into their
business-only computer. That kind of violation can cost the employee his job in the end, or at the very least a black mark
on his employment records.

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