The ISO 9000 is a complete set of standards that can be applied on every type of business. The ISO 9000 standard covers the entire quality management systems of companies. It also provide specific guidance for quality assurance and control as well as the necessary documentary and record keeping processes of companies. The ISO 9000 standard is designed to help companies establish order and system for their core business processes. It also seeks to standardize different practices of companies in terms of quality management, control and monitoring.

The ISO 9000 was designed by the International Organization for Standardizations. The organization provides a framework from which companies around the world can pattern their quality management systems. The ISO standard is a documentary guide listing the numerous requirements of ISO 9000. If companies can comply with every item on the ISO 9000 standards lists, an appropriate certification body will grant them an ISO certificate. The ISO, as an organization, does not issue the certification to companies.

They merely provide the actual framework of quality management standards. A proper ISO accreditation board authorizes a certifying body to conduct evaluations on companies. If companies comply with all the ISO standards, the certifying body can issue an ISO certification. This means that the business procedures, processes, quality management, and quality control standards of the company are aligned with those specified by the ISO.

An ISO certification usually expires after three years. Upon its expiration, companies can apply for re-certification to maintain ISO compliance. This ensures continuing development of quality standards.

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