The nature of the work of a project manager and director involves the responsibility in planning and coordinating in the administrative work. It is also his duty to record and monitor the progress of any project. He administers the work by coordinating on the financial, personnel, materials, and engineering requirements of the project. The project director must have broad knowledge and skills in the technical and the managerial aspect of the work.

There are lots of qualities a p0roject manager must posses. He must have a vision on where the work will go and the ability to articulate specific plans about the project. He must also have the ability to communicate with different people. Directness and openness has a great value for the manager. He is the link to bigger organization. The project director and manager must also have the integrity and the enthusiasm in doing his work. It is the nature of his career to create ethical behavior and standards for him to become a manager with integrity and to maintain a good image in the organization. He serves as a role model for other employees.

People do not like directors who are negative. They easily bring the team down. Enthusiasm that is initiated by the manager is contagious and natural born leaders know that for a fact. A project director and manager must direct the team as a whole. He has the ability to plan and implement programs and maintain a healthy working relationship with the customers and his co-workers.


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