The Google Apps collection is a web based software suite.  It consists of different office tools such as word processors and spreadsheets, calendar and contact management, email, and web page creator.  

These office tools are normally utilized on desktops.  But with Google Apps, you don’t have to install software on your computer.  Everything would be accessible through web interface.

Google Apps are good alternatives to the commonly used desktop office suite.  But before you take the switch, it is best to know the pros and cons of using Google Apps.

For its good side, the Google Apps collection is several hundred times cheaper than popular office suites.  Priced at $50 annually per user, it can provide you with cheap office solutions.  Plus, you get the advantage of 24/7 support services which could also lower your IT maintenance cost.

Another best feature of Google Apps suite is it centralized storage set-up. This means you can do your work anywhere as long as there is Internet connection.  This opens up opportunities for telecommuting and establishing remote work places.

For its downside, using Google Apps could be very uncomfortable if you’re too concerned about privacy.  Because your data will be stored on third party servers, you might feel uncomfortable about its security.  Google however has the most secure and reliable data centers.

Another big disadvantage is if you can’t access the Internet, then you will not be able to work.  Google Apps are purely web based.  The software resides in cyberspace.  So if you’re outside of your office and have no means to establish Internet connection, then your work could be disrupted.

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