Generally, a platform is defined as a computer system where some application programs can be executed. A platform is usually composed of the operating system, hardware performing different specific functions, and coordinating programs. Platform may also be defined as a technology base where other processes or technologies are created. The Web 2.0 can be considered as a platform since this is a technology that is used to create other technologies.

The Web 2.0 describes the developing trends on how to use the World Wide Web technology in order to enhance information sharing, creativity, functionality, and collaboration. The Web 2.0 platform made ways to the many developments on the Internet usage. Some of these are the web-based communities like social networking sites, wikis, folksonomies, blogs, and video sharing sites.

Included to the many developing technologies in the Web 2.0 platform are the server-software, messaging protocols, syndication of content, different client applications, standard browsers, extensions, and plug-ins.

With the many functionalities of the Web 2.0 platform, many experts say that it went beyond the capabilities of the Web 1.0. The Web 2.0 is also able to provide a certain network as a platform of computing which allows different users to run programs or software applications through a Web browser. Therefore, using every Web page and managing the contents of a website become very easy with the platform Web 2.0.

Having all the already installed features in the Web 2.0 platform, users of the Internet can expect better and continuous development of the World Wide Web. The capabilities as well as features provided by the Web 2.0 platform are all beneficial and helpful for the ongoing progress of the Internet usage.

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