If there are social networking events for fashion designers, mediamen, or artists, there are also social networking events for web analytics professionals. This event is known as the Web Analytics Wednesday.

The Web Analytics Wednesday is the only social networking event for all the web analytics professionals in the world. The founder of this event is Eric T. Peterson. He is the known author of Web Site Measurement Hacks and Web Analytics Demystified. The Web Analytics Wednesday was launched to gather all the web analytics professionals in one local area. This way, web analytics professionals can meet and share ideas and experiences.

Although Web Analytics Wednesday is named as such, it is not always happening on a Wednesday. It may happen any time, all the time. What matters is the best schedule that will best suit the needs of a certain group. Web Analytics Wednesday may also be done anywhere, in any parts of the world. As long as there are web analytics professionals to be gathered in one area, then Web Analytics Wednesday can be held.

Anyone can also plan a Web Analytics Wednesday. There is only a form that needs to be filled up on the Web Analytics Wednesday site.

Also, different topics can be discussed in Web Analytics Wednesday—from the most basic and general to the most direct topics. Some may discuss about important issues on web analytics development or some may be held to launch a certain web analytics product. As long as the event can put “faced with names,” then it can be held as a Web Analytics Wednesday.

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