Although ECM was not formally defined in the previous decades, companies were already doing some form of enterprise content management. Enterprise Content Management generally refers to all the technologies and strategies utilized in managing information. This includes all the information technology tools needed in order to make capturing, storing, preserving, retrieving and even destroying of content efficient.

Since many companies need information management, ECM tools are in demand. In turn, there are quite a number of vendors offering solutions to such need. This segment has become that important that even big software companies have joined the market. The market which has been dominated by independent medium sized vendors has now been penetrated by the bigwigs in software development.

Still the criteria for ECM tools would depend on the needs of a specific company. So, the race to be the number 1 ECM Corporation is really that competitive. What is important is the efficiency of the tools to do content management from the capture to delivery of information. It is also imperative that security is always set appropriately to maintain confidentiality. Many ECM corporations have made their software as scalable as possible in order to make it available and usable by all companies big and small.

Furthermore, companies are now merging with other companies to strengthen their place in the market. Others also decide to work with each other to be able to come up with better ECM solutions. The trend also is to provide more and more comprehensive solutions for all companies that need them.

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