The book entitled The Real MCTS MCITP Exam 70-649 Prep Kit has been out not just for marketing purposes bu to equip Information Technology professionals with indispensable knowledge in Microsoft products. Hence, the book’s fundamental objective is to help prepare every candidate for MCTS MCITP certification to get qualified after taking the exam called 70-649. More so, this exam is actually an upgrade from the MCSE  on Windows Server 2003 to the most recent Windows Server 2008.

The existence of the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is just an evidence that when it comes to innovation, Microsoft can never do wrong because they are always open to enhancement, development, and dissemination of skills and knowledge of their products.

The book The Real MCTS MCITP Exam 70-649 Prep Kit was written to provide the aspirants or candidates with the things they have to know and the skills they have to acquire to become expert in their chosen field. Therefore, once the candidate take the book seriously there is no doubt that he can go beyond what has been set as minimum criteria. The book is in fact a preparation tool intended not just to bombard the candidates with theories but to equip them with knowledge they need in facing the real-world challenges when it comes to Microsoft computing network.

Lastly, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist or the MCTS exam 70-649 is also a requirement that has to be met by users of Windows Server 2003 who shifted to gaining the Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional or MCITP mainly for the Windows Server 2008.

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