Qualifying in the Real MCTS MCITP examination is just the first step in pursuing a career as a Microsoft Certified Professional. The certification that you acquire from the  Real MCTS MCITP Exam is your guaranteed investment as an IT professional. Therefore, after you certification in the Real MCTS MCITP Exam, the next ladder for you to take to reach the peak of your career would be the Windows Server 2008 Certification.

The Windows Server 2008 certification is in fact a primary requirement in landing managerial positions and extreme projects that require hands-on experience and highly-regarded proficiency in demonstrating the most recent technology being marketed by Microsoft and in this case the Windows Server 2008.

The Windows Server 2008 certifications are created and instantly became established in the IT industry due to the powerful and innovative skills they employ. Once a candidate successfully acquires a certificate in Windows Server 2008 he becomes fully equipped with various technology skills, job-role capabilities, and knowledge in the functions of IT industry in the real world.

The candidate who aspires to obtain the Windows Server 2008 certification has demonstrated superior skills and know-how in in-depth skills of both MCTS and MCITP.

So, if you want to augment the marketability of your profile you have to get started in getting a better understanding and knowledge in Windows Server 2008. Finally, this can be done by earning the most recent certifications available that will work best in fulfilling a career in Windows Server 2008.

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