The authored book of fourth times Microsoft’s MVP awardee, Brein Posey, which is entitled as The Real MCTS/MCITP 70-649 Prep Kit: Independent and Complete Self-Paced Solutions received a negative feedback from one of the reviews posted in, the site where computer books written by major publishers are promoted.

The review was given by Roger Z. from Hartsdale NY USA last month of August. According to him, the book is not that good enough to read on. He even throwed ridicule by saying that the quality paper of the book does not deserve its content. Hartsdale expressed his disappointment after reading the first few chapters. Based on his readings, he said that the author thought that his readers are completely unaware of Windows Server while they are actually already approaching for the 70-649. Because of this, the author appeared to blubber non-sense things by spending so much talk about the Windows Server 2008 features—going back to the basic.

Hartsdale also stated that though the book is rich with screenshots, it is still lacking the essential—the content of the book—which was poorly detailed according to his perspective. So, he concluded that Posey’s book was a complete waste of time for individuals like him who are preparing for the 70-649 Exam.

As a brief analysis, reviews are based on personal perception. What may be insubstantial to Hartsdale might be of substance to others. For individuals who are thinking to buy this book but became hesitant because of the review posted by Hartsdale can refer to more facts about Posey’s book featured online as well as to the background of the author to obtain balance information.

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