Program codes are what make the whole structure of a program or software. Just like any other software, WordPress being an open source program, is also being directed by codes.  

The WordPress system is working under several platforms of codes such as HTML, Javascript, CSS,a nd other scripting languages. When a code is not understood or capable of being interpreted by the software platform like PHP software, it basically bypasses or overlooks the tag without making any impact on the whole code.  

Embedding these codes on a WordPress post is very challenging but what is more challenging about these codes is the troubleshooting part.  One of the usual troubleshooting problems about codes is the use of the many forms of quotes symbols.  WordPress does not accept the use of pretty quotes.  What it basically accepts are the straight quotes.  But most web loggers do not put too much attention on the usage of quotes because all they know is that a quote is just like any other quote.  However, part of resolving this issue is the inclusion of the pre tag.  This tag eliminates the problem of misused quotes by including the use of the quote character in the code itself.  

 In itself, WordPress also uses the command code or the code tag as part of the program structure.  The code tag will basically create a mono-spaced font type.  It is being used along with its contemporary HTML tags such as the <tt> tag.  This is, yet another confusing part for most users of the code because they may misinterpret the difference between the two.  

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