AdWords is a keyword-based marketing mechanism.  Every time a search engine makes a search, it normally looks for key terms that it evaluates.  And every time it yields a result, it usually makes use of the keywords as the prime element in ranking the search engine results.  AdWords is dependent on how effective these keywords were positioned on your website content.  Instinctively, AdWords makes use of a paradigm to consult to each time the search engine works on processing the search results.  

Keywords are key terms that people who browse the Internet use each time they want to search for something online.  These keywords are basically the hint words that may pertain to the website and its content.  When these keywords are not properly created or effectively positioned in a website, the AdWords – no matter how strong and powerful the AdWords is – will both fail in the end.  Keywords, just like web content, need to be updated and modified from time to time because most of the time the key terms being used by web users also vary and change.  

These two elements of Internet marketing are relevant with one another because each of these elements work to the best intention of the other.  The failure of one element will mean the failure of the other element.  The success of the keywords embedded on the website can drastically pull up the conversion rate of the AdWords that was bought and purchased.  Each of this has a certain pull with the other.

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