The development of the WordPress software has gone extremely fast because of the rising demands of users for better features to be included.  WordPress makers are very aggressive in responding to all these demands of the user that led to the quick updates of WordPress software.  

Now, with its WordPress version 2.6.3 and just recently, released the 2.7 beta version all features that are seen important and relevant have been relatively included on the updated versions.  So, what are the new things that can be seen with this update in Worpdress?  Are these updates going to take the place of the previous updates?  Below are some of the remarkable things to expect from the updated version of WordPress:

a.    The installation time.  With this update, there is a now a lesser amount of time being used to install the whole system.  The 5-minute installation process, where WordPress achieved a remarkable fame, has been retained even when there were additional features included on the latest version. The file size may have been extremely bigger in size but WordPress managed to retain the 5-minute installation process.
b.     New administration panel to manage new features.  There are additional panels and plug-in that will help administer the usage of the new features such as photo and image insertion, stronger support for formatted texts, and a lot more things.

The WordPress updates that are being rolled out every instance are relative to the excellent functionalities of the software.  Further, these updates are aimed to delivering also the patches to the unresolved issues that may have occurred with the previous version.  

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