As they say in the computing industry, what is latest today may not be the latest in the coming days.  This serves true and valid in terms of the software revisions.  The Siebel 7 that used to be the software for everyone has now evolved into a more compelling one – the Siebel 7.7.

Siebel 7.7 is the offshoot of the Siebel 7.  As the revision number goes high, it only means that newer features were added and incorporated to look like as if it was tailored to fit the needs of the business industry.  Siebel 7.7 as they claim is the new and innovated version of the 7.0 version of Siebel. 

So, why are we compelled to buy and use the Siebel 7.7?  What compelling features does it have?  Are they really functionally tested?  Below are the reasons why Siebel 7.7 is a compelling software to have:

a. Upgrading to 7.7 will create more return of investment.  This is all true because the 7 platform of Siebel is what Siebel Systems is pushing.  When Siebel 6 was eventually replaced by Siebel 7, the support for the platform was also ceased.  Eventually, platform 7 of Siebel shall not be supported by majority of the other software and operating systems.
b. Siebel 7.7 is the future architectural design of all the upcoming Siebel versions.  This is what the Siebel Systems has forecasted in the near future.  Therefore, migrating your systems to platform 7.7. will make sure that you are all ready to face the future. 

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