The Revolutionary Technology of Open Source ECM

Today, technology changes to make sure that a new one will outdo the current one that is available in the market. And with revolutionary technology coming into being, things improve. These new technologies are able to meet the needs of the users as they get to be perked up with the new features. And right now, the ECM world is being shaken with the technology of open source enterprise content management.

Open source ECM applications are actually the refined enterprise content management software that caters to the other needs of the company. It is a software that the source code is easily retrievable by the users. It allows them to make a study and make improvements with the current status of the software. It is available for free download and it is open for making innovations since it has a social networking components.

The popularity of open source ECM started on 2005 and in short as 3 years it becomes so popular. One of the most popular software for open source ECM is Alfresco. It boasts that in such a very short time, they have gained a million of downloads and at the same time gained a large number of customers who are paying just to get the service of open source ECM. Since it can be customized to your needs, you can be assured that it is just but the right ECM application for your company. And what is more advantageous is that even those small or medium enterprises can avail of its free downloads.

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