Anywhere you go, people are talking about Google Analytics. They say that it is really a good tool to measure your web standing but of course, it also has its shortcomings. And with this, Microsoft has thought of a new web analytics tool that would outdo if not match the popularity of Google Analytics. Since last year, Microsoft has been giving the beta testing of Gatineau. This tool can also be integrated on adCenter users. Gatineau has been making its name already since there have been so many press releases that came upon the conception of the web analytics tool.

So what is new with this Microsoft web analytics solution? They say that Gatineau has the capability to track who are your audience. It can actually pinpoint the IDs of your visitor if there are registered with Hotmail or Microsoft Messenger. In this way, you would know who your visitors are even if these registered users are just but a portion of the other visitors of the site. You would also see demographics of the visitors including the age and gender.

If you are worrying about the reporting, you actually have the capability to get multi-report dashboard and get advanced view reporting. This web analytics is said to provide also to provide online help assistance. This feature will answer questions in real time. This of course is really enticing since this feature is one of the things that companies are looking into. Let’s see if Gatineau would really compete along side with Google Analytics.

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