In our everyday undertaking it is easy to stay in focus of the things that you wanted to do.  Microsoft in the proliferation of the so many credentials of its members felt the need for bringing into the industry a new generation where professionals are looked upon at their best or expertise. They are seen in their specialization.  It was found not only to be easy for It managers but as well as the prospective clients in terms of selecting the professional that will serve their needs.  The new generation provides a simpler and more targeted framework for IT managers to validate core technical skills, professional skills, and architectural skills. It also provides professionals in the IT industry to showcase their skills in a more relevant and cost effective way.

One of the most in demand skill in Microsoft is in the Help Desk and Network Support technology.  The person in charge of knowing this skill should have passed the two core exams in Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technology.  The Help Desk and Network Support technician primary responsibilities are:

1.  Provide PC, software, and telecom technical
     support to the company’s team members 2.  Deploy, maintain and support company desk
     computers, telephones and pagers 3.  Manage user accounts, system backup, system
     monitoring and other administrative tasks 4.  Assist in the server and network configuration,
     administration and monitoring 5.  Create and maintain forms for account security
     and asset information 6.  Provide helpdesk support, user training and

Let a MCDST managed your Microsoft system performance and avail of its fullest benefit.

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