A change management tool would be a method by which the behavior of
people within an organization can be adjusted so that the desired
change can be achieved. One good tool to use would be belief

Belief statements can be effective change management tools when
certain conditions are met. First, the people should actually believe
that these belief statements are good for them. This will have a
corresponding effect on their attitudes. If you have the right
attitude, you can accomplish much.

Second, if you know of any attitudes existing within the minds of
people in the target organization which may hamper the efficacy of
the proposed changes, they and you must take steps to adjust those
attitudes. But the first step must always be undertaken first by the
people – in the same way that no one can be hypnotized against his
will, no person will believe a belief statement if his attitude runs
to the contrary, unless that person changes his attitude first.

You have probably heard of born-again Christians conducting Bible
study groups to which they invite skeptics. The skeptics have an
attitude that effectively says: I do not believe that the Bible has
the answers to my problems. The born-again Christian has the attitude
that says: I think it does and can solve your problems. So the Bible
study sessions can be perceived as change management sessions that
aim to uncover the roots contributing to the attitude of the skeptic
which prevent the skeptic from undergoing a change management
program that adheres to Biblical beliefs. A skeptic who has been able
to change his mind (or rather his attitude) about Biblical beliefs
will then adopt a belief statement that says: I can do all things
through Christ who strengthens me. But it all has to start within the
mind and heart of the skeptic first.

A computer, change, and management call come together in the field of
Computer Change Management. Computer change management pertains to
managing change in computer systems – it may be better known as IT
change management instead. Human behavior change management is the
more popular form of change management that many people know when
change management is mentioned.

Both computer change management and human behavior change management
are important programs to undertake – but nowhere are both deemed of
equal importance more than in companies that are Information
Technology service providers.

In IT companies, CEOs and managers are becoming more and more aware
that it is not enough to iron out software and hardware glitches – it
is also important to find out how the attitudes of their IT personnel
can affect how they serve their employer and the clients.

Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to simply hire
technically-qualified people then put them to work on refining
computers and computer systems. It is equally important to find out
about the background of their people; what they think about their
work, their superiors, and their co-workers; and how satisfied they
are with their choice of occupation.

This new mindset of management came about in the wake of new findings
about employee behavior when they are satisfied and not satisfied
with the progress they are making at work. People are not machines
who will run indefinitely once plugged into an electrical outlet –
meaning, it is not enough to simply pay them good wages sometimes.

One IT-dependent organization which recognizes this is the Landbank
of the Philippines. Its Technology Department staff do not just have
technical expertise that makes them qualified to be IT technical
personnel – they are now required to undergo team-building activities
as well (both in and outside the workplace) so that all IT staff will
learn how to work with one another as people. One well-received
team-building activity is organizing each department into bowling
teams that participate in friendly matches against one another.

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