To be able to say that everything is under control is to
be very assured that operations are handled and taken
care of in case of unforeseen events.  In the normal
course of operations, organizations should ensure that
the processes in the delivery of product and services are
given focus on efficiency and effectiveness.  IT operations
management includes the measurement and analysis of
internal processes.

IT operations management should ensure that
appropriate controls are in placed.  This includes the
ability to identify, log, trace analyze and resolve
problems that takes place during the day to day
operations.  It is through this management process
that organization is protected from financial risks,
operational risks and reputation risks. An event/problem
experienced during the process should be relayed and
all information be made available to IT operations
personnel  The event or problem is processed by
appropriate personnel which includes those from IT
operations, institution management, internal audit,
fraud and loss prevention, information security, and
computer security incident response teams.

Unusual events during production may occur at any time. 
It Management operations should always be ready to
deal with the problems/events that may arise during
these situations.  It is also a look out for IT
management operations to instill security in the
IT equipment as well as in the use of its systems. 
The IT management operations should ensure that
production is not hampered and there is continuity
in the operations.  It is in IT management operations
that trouble shooting should always be ready at hand.