In managing projects, there should be a specific person
that should lead or manage the project or activity. 
The person takes responsible for the end results of the
project.  He is referred as the Project Manager/Director.

Project managers/directors should be able to envision the
project from beginning to end.  He should be able to
perceive the realization of the project.  A project
 manager/director would have to make sure that desired
output is realized.  The project manager does not have to
participate in the hands on work of the project.   The function
of the project manager is to supervise the team and have a
regular interaction with team members to keep abreast with
how the project is going.  This would reduce the risk of
failure on the project as problems are brought forward to
the project manager or director.

Project managers or directors are the representatives of
the company and they have to ensure that the required
needs of the company are met.  They should have the
ability to get along with how contracting party does business. 
They should form close ties with the owners and employees. 
It is a must to make sure that the issues of time, client
satisfaction, cost, and quality will be carried out.

The role of project managers/directors in handling a
project is a big responsibility as the client or company,
they work with expects an end result at the end of the
project life.  They are expected to have deliverable
outputs and should be capable of letting management
understand the results of the project study.

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