Metadata in itself is such a complicated concept to perceive much more to comprehend with ease. Now, when you incorporate extraction of data about another data, the concept becomes a lot more complex and intricate to fathom.  Now, in order to eliminate the complexity that hounds the concept, we shall try to discover the scenes and the essential elements about metadata extract.

First thing, we have to understand that extracting metadata involves pulling out a data from a data in a persevered manner and under a different file format.  The actions that are bearing relevance here are preservation and establishing a compatible file format.  In this case, we will need to understand that there are file formats where metadata extraction can happen. The following are some of the file formats that are being supported in the extract metadata process: 

a. In images, the file formats that are supported are the bitmap produced by MS Paint, GIF ad JPEG which are products of probably Adobe and the TIFF file format.
b. As for the office files, the documents such as MS Word which produces doc files, the XLS files produced by spreadsheets like Excel and PPT produced by Powerpoint.
c. There are also audio and sound files which bear either WAV or MP3 file formats.
d. And lastly, the markup files which are produced by either the HTML or the XML application software.

After having learned this, you can now establish a better and stronger concept about what extraction of data is all about.  The abovementioned concepts can now lead you towards better understanding the concept of metadata and extraction of data about a data.

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