Mark Boulton was introduced as the person to design the new Drupal logo during the session of Drupalcon Szeged, which was held this September. The Drupal Association had chosen Boulton for the rebranding and redesigning of When asked about his perception on the logo during the session, Boulton responded that it is fine enough although he showed a serious concern for the modification of the Drupal logo so it can be operated for different uses. And that stirs the interest of many.

The Drupal community is said to be “playful” in nature to their Drupal Logo otherwise known as the Drupalicon. This is why the logo itself is said to reflect the community as a whole. And because the Drupal logo is under the license of GPL software, people are free to do the design they want for the logo. This kind of freedom provided by GPL is claimed as a part of the Drupal’s entirety.

Now, as the Drupal is being re-branded, the Drupal Logo is also being transformed into a new look. Of course, the new logo will serve as the public face of the new brand. And even though the proposal for the new logo is perceived to be controversial, it is deemed to be indistinctive still. Truth is the new Dropal Logo is expected to have a legal and commercial design.

So, the Drupalers must be excited to purchase Drupal T-shirt, doodads, and pins, which will have the recent design of the Drupal logo on it. And surely, everyone is expected to give out their own interpretation on the new design of the logo. Anyhow, the change of the logo will never affect the desire of the community to create a greater move in the open source world.

The devoted people of Drupal often gather together to discuss its present condition and future. Example of this is during the event of Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Amsterdam. In this occasion, Drupal people unite their effort to achieve as much attention in the form of artistry. They ask help from willing graphical artists and inspired copywriters. One way of expressing this artistry is through Drupal T-shirt or banner for the EU OSCON.

Dedicated people of Drupal are encouraged to contribute any of the following:

•    A highlight banner for This is placed on its homepage and is designed like a newsletter banner since it is located at the upper left corner.

•    One or more banner where people can put their own websites

•    And a hilarious text printed on a Drupal T-shirt

Drupal people think it is great to picture artistry to depart from the conventional form of Drupal, which is the gathering of handbooks pages, code, or money as contribution. So, to those who are interested to contribute their creations can fire up their paint program or word processor to pursue the goal. Of course, the carnal rule must never be missed out: copyrighted materials are not allowed. Therefore, the included picture in Drupal T-shirt or banner must be free of copyright.
Also, Drupal T-shirt needs to be printed on one side only using only one color. Of course, the T-shirt must contain the Drupal logo. Images can use inline tags to make it look more creative. Now, to winners and runners-up, artistic Drupal T-shirt will be given as a form of recognition!

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