The very impressive and abrupt success that Google AdWords has achieved in the last few years is something that has made a lot of Internet experts and Internet marketing professionals very astounded and dazed. Never was it imagined that Google and its AdWords will reach the highest and peak of success in such a short span of time.  Many people have been heard asking about what sort of secrets Google has to have attained such glory and fame.

Are there really secrets to success that Google possess?  If there were, how can these secrets be unleashed so that people who are thinking about hurdling through this same process can achieve great success and gain profit just like them?

Actually, the only secret that was revealed by Google is not actually a secret because it is one of the fundamental and very basic management techniques: focus.  Google AdWords,  as we all very well know, is the primary revenue generating mechanism of the Google Company.  

The strategic managers of Google saw that Google will not stumble and fail should they concentrate and focus on dealing with one marketing arm. The risk may have been quantified too high, but the expected revenue and profit should this plan work is benchmarked way too high.  And Google was correct in claiming that as manifested by the success that it has at the moment and the revenue that they are enjoying.  Diversification is not the name of the game for Google it is unification.  

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