The Information Technology Infrastructure Library is composed of six sets of best standard books. One of the sets is the IT Service Management which is divided into two areas, the Service Support and the Service Delivery. Even if ITIL® is consist of many areas, it certainly focuses on the area of IT service management. The two areas that are mentioned are consist of different disciplines that are responsible for the effectiveness of the management of the IT services. There are some questions that can be used as guide to manage the services properly. Is the measurement of the IT results based on the outcome of the business? Can problems be identified and solved even before it threatens the goal of the business? Can the manager control the risks in the business due to the changes that may either be planned or unplanned? Does the manager have the right control of the processes regarding service management and can he comply with the requirements?

It must be remembered that businesses today must have a strong foundation to respond to the growing demand for growth, competitive threats, mergers, changes in the market and regulatory compliance. Due to these different demands, IT departments are looking and developing more ways to meet with all the demands and implement it in a cost-effective and sustainable way. 

IT departments turn to the IT service management framework of ITIL® for this kinds of processes. However, it must also be remembered that the service management of ITIL® is not a solution but a framework. It only tells the things that should be done but not the solution on how to do it. ITIL® are sets of standard and best practices.


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