Network management is a method of maintaining the network systems of businesses. 
Network management helps organizations in keeping up the normal network operations
of companies and enterprises.  The simple network management protocol or SNMP is an
advert management system that monitors network related tasks and devices falling under
the control of the network administrator. Would simple it management protocol (SNMP),
it will be easier for IT managers to maintain the quality service for clients, customers,
business partners, and network users.

Simple network management protocol or SNMP is an integral part of the internet
protocol suite according to the definition of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
This application is a useful tool in network management systems to supervise network
devices. The simple network management protocol (SNMP) follows a set of procedures
and standards in network management. This includes a database schema, Application
Layer Protocol and other sets of data objects.  Simple network management protocol
(SNMP) also shows the management data by using a software called an agent.  The agent
in it is installed in all the managed systems.  This agent will easily provide the
administrator with a set of variables such as computer mean, user, number running
processes, free memory, and other information related to the network.

Simple network management protocol (SNMP) also manages system information through
other protocol operations.  Configuration updates, control requests, and other protocol
operations can be sent remotely by the administrator to the simple network management
protocol (SNMP).  SNMP has the versions.  The latest version, has added more security
and remote configuration enhancements and is the current standard for SNMP as of 2004
according to the IETF.

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