Landing pages are critical to online marketing. These are the pages or page that appears when a potential visitor clicks on a certain search result of advertisement link. Landing page usually displays contents that are considered as the logical extension of the link. These are commonly optimized so they can feature specific keywords or key phrases indexed by the search engine. The landing page URL is simply the link that will lead the potential visitor to the landing page.

URL or uniform resource locator is defined as the global address of various resources found on the World Wide Web. It is composed of the protocol identifier, resource name, and domain name. In the URL, the “http” is the protocol identifier, “www” is the resource name, and the “” is the domain name. This same format is also used for landing page URLs. Some people call this simply as the webpage.

In order to have a better online marketing, one of the most important considerations is the landing page URL. The landing page URL should lead the visitor to the attractive webpage, which should make him more interested to the website and its offerings. This is critical to make the visitor stay in a certain webpage and navigate to other pages of that website.

Furthermore, the landing page URL may appear depending on how the landing page is optimized. There are optimization methods involving the use of advertising tools that may include the landing page URL so that the potential visitor can easily go to the page easily through that. Other optimization may use search engine in displaying the landing page URL with relevant search results.

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