There are actually a lot of Podcasting guides offered on the Internet. Unfortunately, most of them are technically written that the reader may find it so hard to follow the instructions. But the podcasting guide created by Ryan Irelan is different. It aims to present more understandable instructions about the fundamentals of podcasting. More importantly, this will not require any complicated audio language to understand or any software to download unlike the other podcasting guides.

This podcasting guide will simply guide individuals on how to podcast using podcasting basic devices alone. Meaning, everything will take place right inside the web browser. However, before an individual jumps in learning the ways on how to podcast, he should vitally listen to concise examples of podcasts first. Through this, individuals will have the idea on the differences of each podcasts as well as be able to assess the quality of their sounds.

Now, after listening to podcasts samples, the initial step to creating a podcast can be taken already. So, to get the podcast recorded there should be the following tools: a computer with an incorporated microphone; an Internet connection; and webcam, a cheap one will do.  

Then after, an individual can already make out his idea of a podcast. It has to be remembered that podcasts come in various varieties. Maybe, an individual may only talk or he may play music. Another thing an individual can do is to publish an interview that he wants to share to his community. It all depends on how he planned or how he conceptualized his podcast.    

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