Many businesses fail because of the here-and-now approach. This is when a business decides to forego customer relationships in favor of bigger sales income. While initial sales figures will surely prove to be phenomenal, it will not hold out in the future because of the lack of customer satisfaction. A sample Balanced Scorecard takes this into consideration and will address this issue through a performance measurement system that is not only focused on the financial aspect of the business.

A sample of a Balanced Scorecard is available for viewing and download on the web. You can find improvement projects that have succeeded and some projects which have failed as well a complete analysis on they it succeeded and why it failed. They can be downloaded and viewed for free but there are some that require a minimum payment to continue viewing the sample Balanced Scorecard.

But it should be noted that each business organization should have its own approach on the system and not just rely on a sample Balanced Scorecard for guidance. While these samples may be able to provide the organization with much needed resources, they will not be able to provide for the business every need. But basically, the Balanced Scorecard takes into account four of the most important aspects of the business: the financial aspect, the organization ‘s customer relationships, the business processes and the learning and growth of its employees. These four aspects are interrelated and interdependent on each other for the success of the business. Just focusing on one will not be enough for the business to survive.

The Balanced Scorecard transforms business strategies into proper execution through a well managed system. Six Sigma is a process of improving the manufacture of products so that it exceeds customer expectations and requirements. Combining these two business processes can is a matter of understanding the current processes of the business and comparing it with customer satisfaction of business performance.

Many organizations today apply the Balanced Scorecard and the Six Sigma in their business processes in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Both of these strategies understand that customer relationships are an integral part of a business survival. In applying the Six Sigma-Balanced Scorecard approach, it is important to manage and improve every aspect of the operational processes of the organization. There should be continuing improvement projects as well as a constant feedback on the organization ‘s performance from the customer ‘s point of view.

The Six Sigma Balanced Scorecard do not focus on the financial performance of the company but rather on the organization ‘s performance according to the customer. With the Balanced Scorecard, the integration of the financial, customer relations, business process and learning and growth are constantly monitored and improved. Combine this with the improvement performances of Six Sigma, then the organization can provide a new strategy to meet or exceed customer needs, improve business performance, and resolve issues within the establishment.

Combining the Six Sigma Balanced Scorecard approach takes advantage of the strengths of both strategies and links them together to improve the operational as well as the relational processes of the business.

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